Founding Father’s Hooch

To celebrate the Palmer House’s 145th year and to nod to the prohibition era we’ve crafted a prohibition-inspired cocktail. Here is the recipe!

 Founding Father’s Hooch

1oz.  Laird’s Applejack or Apple Brandy

.5oz. Highland Scotch Whisky

.5oz. Spiced Caribbean rum

2oz.  Apple Cider

4 shakes The Bitter Truth “Jerry Thomas Own Decanter” Bitters

Stir with Ice and strain


Palmer House Bloody Mary

This is one of a kind vodka experience, Belvedere Unfiltered Vodka is barrel aged at the Palmer House in Minnesota Oak Barrels for 8 weeks. The vodka is then infused with an assortment of hot peppers, onions, celery, olives, lemons, limes and peppercorns. Each Bloody Mary is made to order with tomato juice, Worcestershire sauce, horseradish, olives, assorted salts, pepper and seasonings. Tabasco sauce, lemon and lime juice. Garnished with a celery stalk, slice of bacon and skewer with a lime, pepper jack cheese, olives, pepperoncini and salami.

Palmer House Select Bourbon

Made at Woodford Reserve, this unique bourbon was handpicked, sampled and batched by the Palmer House. Try it neat, on the rocks or in a classic Manhattan

Palmer House Tequila

Specially selected private label Double Barrel Reposado, Palmer House Tequila. Our unique tequila is designed specifically for an elegant, smooth sipping experience, yielding delightful complex tones of cooked agave, dried fruits and sweet brown spice that can also be enjoyed in many cocktails.

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-Chef Scott